About me

In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate

Peace be upon you all

I have found out that travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer! I don’t mind spending all my money on travelling and then come back home with nothing else than memories, hopefully good ones!

This blog all started when I took a semester abroad in 2015, and got the chance to travel around Southeast Asia. I have been living in Malaysia, Kuching for 4 months, within that time I travelled around in weekends and semester break. After the semester ended I traveled around SEA for 2 months. Besides southeast Asia I’ve been in many european countries and one african country.

The main purpose for this site is: Oblivion. I don’t want to forget my adventures. My intention with this page is to write about all the good and bad things during my study abroad in Kuching, Malaysian Borneo. I want to look back at this page and be able to bring good memories from my stay.

I have always loved to travel and can’t imagine a life in one place, one kind of people, one type of food and just everything being “one”. I love diversity, change and exploring the differences!

I am born and raised in Denmark, so ofcourse I call myself a Dane, but my parents are Moroccan. Obvisouly I speak Danish and Moroccan – besides my mother-language I speak English, Spanish and understand some French. I study ‘International Business Communication – English and Marketing’ in University of Southern Denmark. Besides travelling, I love fitness, cocking, my friends, family and my religion <3

Furthermore, I would like to motivate others, especilly other muslim girls to travel the world. I will, with my experience through my travels, share my experience, adventures, and give some advice. I will share my itineraries, but also try to customize itineraries for different countries and different type of people (Nature, Beach, City etc.)

Last but definetly not least, have I been missing a muslim platform where modern muslim travellers can find muslim-stuff in different countries (muslim or non-muslim countries). To find muslim local people, muslim food, mosques etc. can be interessting and not the least amazing – especially when it comes to food 🙂

I will only write about countries I’ve been in, unless anything else is stated.

As the Danish author; H.C. Andersen said: To travel is to live.

With that said, I hope you will enjoy my site 🙂

/ I.E.H