Halal in Copenhagen

To find Halal restaurants in non-islamic countries can be difficult if you have no knowledge about the country/city. But often there is plenty of restaurants, you just don’t know about them – for good reasons ūüôā

I have therefore made this list, to help you find the perfect place to have your meal, depending on where you are at the given time. Every place are average-price, unless other stated.

(The website of the restautant will show up, by clicking at the name of each restaurant)

Burgers, Pizza, Kebab and Steak:

  • Liban Cuisine¬†– The best burgers for a cheap price!¬†–¬†District: N√łrrebro
  • Stefanos Pizzaria¬†– Absolutely the best Italian pizza or pasta in Copenhagen!¬†–¬†District: N√łrrebro
  • Gusto Italiano – Good Italian pizza and burger place¬†–¬†District: N√łrrebro
  • Ahaa ‚Äď Det Arabiske Madhus¬†– If you long for arabian food, this is a perfect place have the best hummus and kebab!¬†–¬†District: N√łrrebro
  • Burgerklubben¬†– Great burger in N√łrrebrogade¬†–¬†District: N√łrrebro
  • Phenix ‚Äď Only the one in Valby Langgade is halal! –¬†District: Valby
  • Barakat¬†– Cheap shish-kebabs, extremely delicious! –¬†District: Valby
  • Shakedown¬†– Great burgers and shakes –¬†District:¬†Frederiksberg
  • Ammessi – A great place for a steak and some sauce/gravy! Yummmm!!!!¬†–¬†District:¬†Vesterbro

Asian Cuisine:

  • Woowok¬†– Exquisite Thai Cuisine, a little pricy but so much worth it¬†–¬†District: N√łrrebro
  • Jasmin Rice¬†– Thai Cuisine for a cheaper price¬†–¬†District: N√łrrebro

  • Restaurant Cave – Indian Restaurant, though it¬†is a pricy restaurant $$$ – District:¬†City Center
  • Kebabish¬†– Indian food, it¬†is located few minutes from Central Station¬†– District:¬†Vesterbro
  • Colombia¬†–¬†Indian and Pakistani Restaurant¬†– District:¬†Vesterbro

Breakfast, Lunch, Brunch:

  • Cafe Wood¬†NB! This place turns into a water-pibe caf√© during the evening/night, so if you wanna avoid that visit during the day.¬†–¬†District:¬†Vesterbro
  • Cafe Marrakech – Small cute and authentic Moroccan place, perfect for lunch and dinner as well.¬†–¬†District:¬†Vesterbro
  • Bagelman ‚Äď The best bagels, perfect for lunch especially if the weather is good, then enjoy your lunch in the sun¬†–¬†District:¬†Vesterbro

Food Courts:

  • Papir√łen – Copenhagen Street Food¬†– Food court. There is a moroccan stall (the first picture above), or else various vegetarian stalls. This place is a must visit: if not for the food, then for the atmosphere. –¬†District: Christianshavn
  • Westmarket – Food court – a few halal places, and many vegetarian/fish stalls. –¬†District:¬†Vesterbro

Vegetarian and Fish (Chicken and meat are not necessarily halal):

  • There are obviously many other places to eat. Especially vegetarian food is widely available in Copenhagen. I love to enjoy a vegetarian burger in¬†Halifax, which you can find in every district¬†of Copenhagen. Their chicken might be halal, but you have to ask!
  • Cafe Feel Good – Great place for a vegetarian/fish brunch –¬†District: City Center
  • Caf√© Paludan – A great student friendly place, with student friendly prices as well. I’ve had their vegetarian lasagna yuuuuum! – District: City Center
  • Simple Raw – Vegen Caf√© –¬†No meat and no alcohol in –¬†District: City Center
  • 42Raw – Vegan Caf√© –¬†No meat and no alcohol in¬†– District: City Center
  • Viben Fiskehus¬†– Fish in Vesterbro-district
  • Izumi Sushi¬† – District:¬†√ėsterbro
  • Iki Sushi¬†– District:¬†√ėsterbro

Be aware that many sushi places add alcohol to their sushi. But the once mentioned above are halal; meaning no haram added to the fish! The chicken and meat in the menu might not be halal. Also, be aware that there are no alcohol in their sushi.

Halal Chicken is widely available in “not-100%-halal restaurants” in Copenhagen, but you have to ask to be sure.

I hope this list is helpfull, do not hesitate to ask your questions or comment if you have been to one of these places ūüôā

Pictures are either taken by me or my friends ūüôā


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