Things I kinda, but don’t really, miss from home

3 month in Asia, I still feel just as happy as the day I arrived! I still feel like I could live here and create a new life outside of Denmark! But, as a human being, I miss some things from back home, but I can’t get anything I want. I really thought that the list would be longer, but it isn’t.

  1. My mom! I miss my mom (and my sister) enormously, but I still enjoy every minute in Asia – and don’t feel the need to leave just yet!
  2. Rye bread… haha YES! In Denmark we love rye bread, and I miss it a lot! It’s healthy, filling and just yummy!
  3. Some groceries – especially dairy is the best in Denmark and some veggies and fruits as well!
  4. Easy health care! I was at the doctor in the beginning of my stay… It was cheap but I’m used to paying nothing!
  5. Walking paths – Yes, in Kuching everyone is on motor-bikes or cars. Then I realized that they dont have defined walking paths!
  6. Public Transportation! Yes, that I miss…. Buses or trains being on time and easy to come around with. This is why, we have rented a car so we can come around easily.


And thats about it…. Some Danes/Western people would probably mention the following points:

  • Personal space & privacy  – especially when they travel to Asia – But I didn’t find it annoying
  • Liquorices – I can live without 🙂
  • Bicycle paths – Could be nice, but not something I missed
  • Equality between genders – Didn’t feel anything
  • Temperatures below 30 degree C. – I loved the heat and the fact that I didn’t need a jacket! 😀
  • People being on time – fortunately, I didn’t feel that people were not on time – but could easily happen

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